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+ What are niche-focused directoRY-blogs?

Often times, online publications cover regions or topics. We combine both into a directory and online magazine/blog to connect readers with the services, products, and information specific to their home zone and frustration they may need help with. 

+ Is it really free?

Our mission is to connect customers to the local experts, services, and products that can help them. Because of that, we want readers to rest assured that the businesses we feature are effective and amazing — and not because we were paid to say so.

So! Your custom-created profile on the directory — and any editorial content like blog and podcast interviews, social media shout-outs, etc. — are 100% forever free. 

If you're ever interested, any content you commission in the form of advertorials, sponsored posts, dedicated emails, etc. are similar to traditional magazine advertising and 100% optional.

+ What type of business, service, or product can be featured?

We're looking to connect with businesses that are just as bound-and-determined to help customers ease their pain points as we are. 

We are currently publishing Methods (of Care), a directory-blog focused on supporting those managing chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and burnout.

Products and services featured could be anything from cupping, float therapy, physio, to somatic experiencing, all the way to home cleaning, mobile pet grooming, helpful books, to sensory-friendly clothing. If your business helps to make days easier and better, we want to hear about it!

That said, while we are open-minded and eager to learn about all sorts of modalities and products, we steer firmly clear from anything that emptily promises a cure-all. 

Additionally, we're adamant that businesses joining our network honour all policies around their industry's required certifications, disclaimers, licenses, insurance, public health-related protocol, and so forth. 

We also look to connect with businesses whose digital and physical footprint are welcoming of all folks and provide safe and inclusive environments.

+ How long does it take? 

The initial application should only take a minute. If we're a good fit, the extended welcome packet should take an hour or less. From there, your feature should be ready for your approval within two weeks. 

We know time is tight as a business owner so we promise: the juice is worth the squeeze! The more information you provide during intake, the more robust your profile and interview / feature opportunities will be. 

+ What kind of results can i expect? 

Our directories and blogs complement your existing marketing. We can't specify exactly how many direct leads you'll receive, but we can say that we work our absolute darndest to ensure your services, products, and expertise are consistently mindfully put in front of interested local customers who really (really) need them.

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