Brand Assurance

We are committed to providing a safe and suitable environment for our community partners, advertisers, and sponsors — and do not take the opportunity to feature your business lightly. 

Here are just some of the measures we take to ensure your business and brand’s integrity as it relates to being featured in our publications: 

// As per our Editorial Policy, we strictly prohibit the inclusion of content that promotes discrimination, risky practices, illegal activities, or any other material that may be considered offensive, harmful, or inappropriate for our audiences 

// We do not alter or adjust your logo or brand messaging in any way 

// Direct messages you receive from potential clients through your feature’s contact form go directly to your email, and are not viewed, screened, managed, or under the responsibility of Niche Collective Media Inc. 

// We have clear disclaimers featured across our platforms — most specifically, Medical Disclaimers on our wellness title, Methods (of Care)

// Articles referencing modalities, products, experts, and experiences include clear disclaimers

// Articles featuring affiliate links or paid content (ie: Sponsored Posts, Advertorials, et al) are clearly disclosed

// Advertorials will not feature other paid content

// Advertisers may request ads not be featured alongside certain content 

// Advertisements will be placed contextually and every effort will be made to ensure they align with the surrounding content