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These days, it’s a constant, ever-changing climb to be found online.

Plus, it can feel really (really) hard to gain media coverage as a local business.

At Niche Collective, we help business owners stand out by showcasing their services and products in super-focused directory-blogs so they can be found more easily by customers who need them. 

MAY 2024

For many of those struggling to manage chronic pain, exhaustion, stress, or burnout, the overwhelming search for solutions takes energy they can’t spare. 

With Methods of Care, we feature curated local services, experts, and products in a free ‘search & save’ directory-blog to help readers gain easier insight and access to feeling better. 

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We publish directory-blogs that help locals live well.

With that... Hi! I'm Tamara

When my capacity derailed due to fibromyalgia, it was a long, non-linear crawl back to feeling well. My search for solutions felt endless and elusive… And I learned first-hand it’s hard to find what may help if you’re unaware certain services exist — or how they benefit — in the first place. 

Now, I'm on a mission to help ease that process for others facing similar struggles.

With a background in media, publicity, and entrepreneurship, I understand the difficulty reaching local customers with niche needs. I also get the flipside: the exhausting struggle to search and seek out treatments that may help.

With Methods of Care, we can connect many of those dots together and help more people live well. I look forward to chatting soon! 

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We most likely share a common goal: to help those with chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and burnout find meaningful relief.

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